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Plantar Warts Treatment

Plantar warts develop on the plantar areas of the feet, namely the soles or the bottom of the feet that bear weight. Sometimes plantar warts can grow in a cluster, which is referred to as mosaic warts. Though they are generally harmless, plantar warts can be very painful and can require professional help.

Plantar warts can develop when a virus enters through the skin, often by a cut or scrape. They’re contagious and typically spread in locations such as public swimming pools, communal showers, as well as your shower at home. Gym facilities and yoga studios may also be more susceptible to plantar wart breakouts due to their publicly shared spaces. Plantar warts are commonly found among children and those with weaker immune systems.


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microwave therapy for warts

Patients suffering from plantar warts can now have them removed with Swift microwave therapy, a new treatment offered at Westfield Foot & Ankle Specialists. Swift is a revolutionary new technology that quickly, cleanly, and effectively removes warts and other lesions from the skin. It does this by applying microwaves to the targeted area to destroy the cells. Westfield Foot & Ankle Specialists is the first practice in NJ to have this treatment available!

Microwave therapy with the Swift device allows for faster treatments thanks to its ability to deliver precise and controlled energy to a pre-determined depth into the skin. Because of this pre-determined depth, the microwaves don’t break the surface of the skin and don’t damage healthy tissue. Only infected tissue within that specific target area is treated, creating a clean procedure. Swift microwave therapy leaves no evidence of scarring. No anesthetic is required, and any discomfort felt lasts only 2-3 seconds before disappearing immediately. Low levels of pain may be felt after the procedure. Plantar warts are typically cleared in 3-4 treatments.

Swift is new to America but has been used in England, Canada, and Australia. After treatment, patients can return to normal activities as soon as they leave the office. A typical treatment only takes seconds to complete!

  • No surgery
  • No medication
  • No dressings

To learn more about Swift microwave therapy and whether it’s best for you, contact our office today!


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